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Offshore Bank Accounts and IBC Company Formations

MP900402960All banks offers multi currency accounts in UK,  Euro, $ US and full online banking with wide variety of credit and debit cards.

 Many years ago we established close relations with banks that protect your privacy and make the procedure of opening a bank account fast and less complicated. After extensive research we know in depth what are the services that banks offer in the current market and are confident that at least one of them will satisfy your requirements for trading or investment purposes. We can not disclose the names of the banks before you become our client due to bank requirements. It helps to protect your privacy and the banks from the curiosity of different organizations. You can open the bank account without actually visiting the bank by using courier post, though you are always welcome to do so if you wish. Herewith follows a description of the bank we work with.

Offshore Bank Account in the Caribbean (St. Vincent)

 We offer an offshore bank in St. Vincent. The minimum balance required to activate the account is US$1000.00.Your account will be additionally debited by the bank with US $150 at the time of the first transaction for the remote access tools which will be courier delivered to you for easy and secure internet access. Your bank account can be operated through the internet or distance operation via fax or phone. This bank is suitable for opening current business accounts as well as accounts for investment purposes. You will need to provide the following certified documents besides the filled bank forms and the incorporation documents (which we provide you with):

Certified (by Notary Public) copy of your passport, bank forms and signatory cards.

  •    Bank reference on signatories, shareholders and directors.
  •    Board Resolution of the choice of the bankers and signatories (we will provide this to you for your signature).
  •    Copy of the utility bills of the signatories.
  •   We will monitor the progress with the bank. Your account will be open within 2 working days and the bank will inform you that same day. You can also obtain a Debit Card from your offshore bank.

Our Service Fees are US $500 or 300.

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